The 30-day workout challenge​

The 30-Day Movement Challenge Download the Tracker Completing short term challenge is a powerful strategy towards building long-term habits. The time frame is both challenging and motivating enough to get your foot in the door so you can start working on your next goal. So, if you’re feeling up to the challenge, choose one of […]

A simple template for yearly & quarterly planning

A Minimal Template forYearly & Quarterly Planning No matter when you start with planning, it’s always a good time to try this minimalist template. To follow along and fill it out in real-time, you can watch my video below. It’s not a must, but it definitely helps! PDF Download Notion Download

The simple packing checklist

The simple packing checklist Travelling light? This list has everything you need. I know the feeling that you’re forgetting something and I hate it too. This is why I wanted to share my ultimate minimalist packing list with you! It includes some basics and low-waste essentials for more eco friendly travel. You can just pick […]

A minimal goal & habit system for success

A Minimal Goal & Habit System For Success “You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems” — James Clear This means it is important to focus on our daily habits that will get us to our goals, and much less on the goals themselves. I […]

The ultimate shopping list for healthy cooking

The clean & healthy shopping list For a while, I was struggling to find a grocery shopping list that contains everything I might need. It had to be healthy, clean and as diverse as possible for me to create many different dishes. I took my time to make one myself, reading through many books of […]

Plan like a minimalist: 2 worksheets

Plan Like A Minimalist: 2 Worksheets No matter if it’s the first of January or the tenth of December, any time you decide to start planning your life is a good time! However, it is not always the easiest thing to stick to a habit, so it’s good to keep things as simple as possible […]

8 Strategies for smartphone minimalism

8 Strategies for smartphone minimalism If you’ve clicked on this article you probably want to know a thing or two about digital minimalism. It is a philosophy which seeks to simplify your digital life in order to make sure that you always get deliberate usage from your devices with minimal distraction. It’s essentially a mental […]

A minimal guide to a complete life reset

A minimal guide to a complete life reset A complete life reset should give you the motivation and inspiration to make progress in life, but also have a good time while you’re doing it. It should focus on all the areas of your life that are important to you and the tasks that make the […]

The 1-3-5 to-do list

The 1-3-5 Rule To-Do List I love to experiment with new productivity techniques to simplify my life, stay on track of my goals and keep my head clear. This is why I make to-do lists all the time. Anything that I need to think about at some point is usually on one of my lists, […]

Track habits like a minimalist: 2 worksheets

Track Habits Like A Minimalist: 2 Worksheets I have created 2 worksheets for you to try out habit tracking. I encourage you to rethink your goals and what you want to achieve by the end of the year, so that you can break whatever you have to do down into small daily actions – your […]