Reach your goals the
ADHD-friendly way!

Hit your goals the ADHD way!

My promise to you:

  • Personalized Strategies for Success

    I understand that everyone's ADHD journey is unique. That's why I provide personalized strategies that are specifically tailored to your needs. By analyzing your situation and challenges, we'll develop simple and effective approaches that work best for you. No more one-size-fits-all solutions.

  • Action-Oriented Approach

    Setting goals is just the beginning; taking action is what creates results. Together, we'll transform your aspirations into an actionable plan. We'll break down your goals into manageable steps and create a roadmap that suits your ADHD strengths and preferences. By focusing on tangible actions, we'll turn your dreams into achievable milestones.

  • Overcoming Inner Obstacles

    ADHD often comes with internal struggles that can hinder progress. We'll dive deep into your intentions and explore the barriers that may be holding you back. By addressing inner resistance and challenging limiting beliefs, we'll work together to dismantle these obstacles.

  • Judgment-Free Zone

    Traditional motivational approaches often rely on hustle culture and create unnecessary pressure. In my coaching sessions, you won't find judgment, shaming, or generic motivational speeches. Instead, you'll experience a safe and supportive environment where your unique challenges are understood and respected. We'll focus on empowering you while fostering a positive and sustainable approach to growth.

  • 100% ADHD-Friendly Solutions

    ADHD brains work differently and I believe in the power of embracing your authentic self. Together, we'll channel your unique energy into living the life you genuinely desire. No longer will you feel like you need to live up to others' expectations—instead, you'll be empowered to pursue your own dreams in your own way and create a life that reflects your truest self.

No fear, no shaming,
no generic speeches.

Sound good?

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  • Why ADHD coaching specifically?

    The focus on ADHD coaching specifically is crucial because individuals with ADHD have unique of functioning and require a specialized approach. We need more specialists who truly understand the disorder to offer guidance and teach effective coping strategies for living with ADHD. As a coach, I am dedicated to supporting and empowering other individuals with ADHD to navigate their challenges and lead fulfilling lives.

  • What can I expect during a coaching session?

    Nothing scary! The sessions are conducted via Google Meet, allowing us to have video calls for free at any time. You don’t need to download anything! During the sessions, we both utilize our cameras and microphones for effective communication. If you feel shy or uncomfortable initially, you always have the option to turn off your camera. For certain sessions, I may provide homework or offer to take notes. Rest assured that I always take detailed notes, ensuring that the information we discuss is readily available for future reference whenever you need it.

  • Do you offer longer-term coaching or just singular sessions?

    I provide both options based on your needs. Whether you prefer ongoing, longer-term work or a singular session, I can accommodate your requirements. We have the flexibility to stop, start, or take breaks at any time, ensuring that the coaching process aligns with your individual journey.

  • What is the standard length of a coaching session?

    The standard session length is 60 minutes. However, I also offer 90 and 120 minute sessions to accommodate different needs. Based on my experience, the initial session typically tends to be 90 minutes to allow for a more comprehensive discussion and understanding of your situation.

  • Can I book a session outside of your standard times?

    Absolutely! If my standard coaching times don’t suit your schedule, you can use my contact form to request a different time slot. We’ll work together to find a convenient time that works for both of us.

  • Do you offer free trial sessions?

    I offer free 15-minute consultations to help you determine if I’m the right match for your coaching needs. Simply contact me, and we can have a discussion to address any questions or concerns you may have.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    Currently, I accept payment through PayPal or Stripe (credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay). These options provide convenience and security for our transactions. You can choose the method that suits you best for a seamless payment process.

  • Can I request an invoice for my coaching sessions?

    Absolutely! If you require an invoice, you can easily request one without any problem. I understand the importance of having proper documentation, and I’m happy to provide you with an invoice for your records or reimbursement purposes.