#5: How to exercise with ADHD (WITHOUT hating your life!) 🌟

Does the thought of exercising make you want to crawl back into bed? Would you rather iron your hands than put on your running shoes? I get it. Working out can feel SO boring and difficult, and it takes a TON of motivation. But there’s a better way for us to do things!

#4: ADHD Life Hacks that ACTUALLY Work! 🔥

Some say that ADHD can be a “superpower“. They point out our creativity, passion, and endless interests as opportunities to “get ahead” of others. Personally, I’ve always had my doubts. But a recent experience helped me gain a new perspective.

#3: Transform Your Morning Routine the ADHD Way ✨

Do you often wake up tired and unmotivated, unsure how to begin your day? Do you hover in bed with your phone, hitting snooze until the last possible minute? Here’s the good news: After my diagnosis, I finally found a way to work with my brain and create a successful morning routine, and you can do it too!

#2: Why you Procrastinate & How to DO THE THING 🚀

You know that feeling when you HAVE to do something but you just CAN’T get yourself to start? Procrastination is a huge problem with ADHD!

So in this edition of Organized Chaos, we’ll talk about: Why you CAN’T START that one thing, what might be holding you back, the ADHD hacks you can use to overcome it and DO THE THING!

#1: Organized Chaos, your Guide to ADHD 🧠

Let’s talk about why habits are not the solution to ADHD, and what you should work on instead: You see, neurotypical people build habits and get rewards.The world is tuned to how their brains work, and all the books are filled with advice they can use to succeed. Sometimes they fail, sometimes they don’t. ADHDers try to do things the same way, because it’s all we know. But it doesn’t work the same, and we get no rewards.