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This month, I’m exploring a new format. I’ll be sharing:

  • ONE personal insight about ADHD,
  • TWO life hacks to make your day easier, AND
  • THREE recommendations for you to try out!


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🌟 Personal Insight 🌟


Some say that ADHD can be a “superpower“. They point out our creativity, passion, and endless interests as opportunities to “get ahead” of others.

Personally, I’ve always had my doubts.

But a recent experience helped me gain a new perspective.

I rescued (what feels like) my 1000th bee from being crushed on the road – something I do kind of often. I’ve rescued crows, songbirds, pigeons, mice, cats, and dogs in the past, mostly while walking with my friends or actively taking part in other outdoor activities.

The bee had a sip of my smoothie and took off after a short break.

“Even on meds, I notice everything that happens. That’s how I saw it!” I told my friend, as we watched the bee disappear into the sky. And saying this out loud, for the first time, made me realise that this doesn’t always have to be a bad thing.

In this situation, my distractibility (or heightened awareness) was actually helpful!

Now is that the same as having a “superpower“?


But sometimes, it does make life a bit easier. It really depends on the context.

👉🏻 Perhaps some of your “shortcomings” could actually be “superpowers” if you put yourself in the right position to harness them. It’s not always easy, but playing to your strengths can turn challenges into advantages.

👉🏻 The key is to build your life around these strengths – not to turn into what others expect of you, or even what you think you should be. Embrace who you are, and you’ll find happiness and success in your own unique way!


🚀 Two Life Hacks 🚀


NFC Stickers

I stumbled upon this Reddit post by u/EastCoastBen about how they use NFC stickers to automate some of their daily tasks. It’s brilliant!

The stickers are affordable, easy to set up, and offer a world of possibilities.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Use a sticker on your bedside table to quickly set your morning alarm.
  • Attach a sticker to your bathroom mirror to start a toothbrushing timer.
  • Use stickers to instantly check off tasks in your habit tracker app.

They work great with the shortcuts app on iOS, but there are lots of ways to use them with devices too. Check out the post for more inspiration!

You can easily find some NFC stickers on Amazon, for example.


Silent Earbuds

My new pair of noise-canceling headphones is tiny and convenient, and instantly connects to whatever device I am using (hello, AirPods!). I grab them at the first sign of noise, and most of the time, I don’t even play anything. I just turn on the noise-canceling.

I can’t even tell you what a game changer this has been!

Your open ears invite people to talk to you and leave you open to any and all audible information from the world.

Why do we do this?

ADHD is hard enough as it is. 🧏🏻‍♀️

Try wearing headphones even if you don’t turn them on and you can thank me later!

If you’re an Apple person, I definitely recommend the AirPods Pro 2. They are so tiny, yet so incredible at what they do.


📚 Three Recommendations 📚


Study Rooms

I’ve been using the virtual study rooms on this website to work together with some of my ADHD friends and coachees. We do pomodoro sessions together with the camera and microphone on and it’s super motivating.

Also, it’s 100% FREE! 🔥


Proper ADHD Content

If you want to watch some proper, scientifically-founded content on ADHD, I highly recommend turning to an expert like Dr. Russell Barkley. In my opinion, he’s the #1 person to go to for ADHD information – besides me, of course! 👸🏻

So, before you dive into any Joe Rogan or Gabor Maté videos, save yourself the time and check out his YouTube channel and incredible book.


Desk Treadmills

In my recent house hacks video, I shared some of my favorite ADHD-friendly objects for home, and my foldable desk-treadmill was really high up there. I love it even more in the winter time, when it’s hard to go outside for a walk or really get yourself to do any exercise at all.

You can open it up and take a few hundred steps while you’re reading something at your desk, or do a little workout on it while watching a video, or idly walk around as you’re talking to friends online. It’s a super helpful way to get your movement in!

For the rest of my house hacks, watch: 7 ADHD house hacks that changed my life!




🚀 Links & Recommendations 🚀


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