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If you’re looking for any of the items I’ve shown in my videos, you’re in the right place! Everything I could think of should be on this page, and if it isn’t, feel free to ask me about it on Instagram.

Note: The links to the items below are Amazon affiliate links. This means I receive a small commission if you decide to make a purchase after using any of them, without any additional cost to you. This helps me to keep creating even more awesome content in the future.



This is the whiteboard I use to write down to-do’s and random things that come to my mind.

Side table

This is a very well-made side table for the entryway that matches many items made by the same vendor really well.


This artsy mirror is definitely an eye-catching piece for a relatively low price. It’s a piece of art.

Shoe rack

This is a great and sturdy shoe rack to sit on while you’re putting on your shoes. The padding is really comfortable.

Robovac 15c

This is the robot vacuum cleaner that cleans our home every single morning. It has an app and many different modes.


Bar table

This is our bar breakfast table. It is incredibly sturdy and fits the Piaggero keyboard perfectly on top and as storage!


These fluffy barstools come in several bold colors and are extremely comfortable to sit in. Combine with the bar table!

Piaggero NP-18B

This is a great keyboard for beginners and I added it here because it’s a great match with the bar table and stools.


I have been using this blender several times daily for an year and it has consistently given me amazing results!

Water bottle

I’ve been using this water bottle for two years and it is very sturdy, easy to clean and to drink from.

Produce bags

I go shopping with these produce bags every time. They come in different sizes and they come pre-weighed for easy check out.

Living room

Cat tree

This cat tree is arguably not the coziest one (missing walls on top), but it is very beautiful. My cat sits on it quite often.


Another item from Vasagle, this TV shelf comes with a bit of open storage as well as holes on both sides for cables.

Electric fireplace

This fireplace produces a beautiful “fire” with 3 different modes of intensity. Besides that it is an energy efficient heater!

Couch table

This couch table is decently large so you could sit on it to eat as well as chill with your friends. Comes with blanket storage!

Dining chairs

These chairs are a great budget option if you’re looking for a certain look, but may not be comfortable for everyone

Dining table “Bigham”

This dining table is made out of solid wooden slabs. It looks very industrial, but also natural and beautiful.

Couch “Carina”

This couch is big and comfortable, with a nice sturdy surface to hide cat hair or coffee stains on!

Office chair

My all-time favorite affordable office chair, this one has so many options for comfort and an option for armrests.

Wi-fi speaker

This speaker is incredibly beautiful and has the amazing Sonos sound quality. It can work as a shelf or a standalone!


This is a simple and affordable office drawer with lots of storage space and a stylish look!


Lounge chair

This is the foldable bed / chair / lounge etc. of your dreams! I use it all the time for guests and I like to meditate and work there.


Completely vegan and cruelty free, this pillow is the most comfortable one I’ve ever had. Comes in different higths!

Cushion cover

I wrapped my decorative cushions in these beautiful covers. They come in some lovely colors and create a strong accent.

Mattress protector

If you want your mattress to stay clean for long, it’s best to use a mattress protector. It’s also much easier to wash!


I find beds without a headboard feel incomplete, so this is a great solution if your bed doesn’t have one. No building!

Storage bench

This bench works wonderfully for storing bedsheets and towels, but it also looks great and you can sit on it!

Pillow “Fred”
ehrlich textil

This is a fairly produced, eco friendly pillow case with a nice soft feeling to it. The colors it comes in look very earthy and natural!

Blanket cover “Finn”
ehrlich textil

This blanket cover matches the pillow perfectly and has a nice soft-but-not-too-soft feeling on your skin.

Bed with storage

This bed is beautiful and affordable. It also has a lot of storage and some beautiful detailing on it!

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