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On this page you will find everything that I use to make my videos, except of course for Adobe Premiere Pro. You don’t need any of these things to start making videos, but if you want to invest in some good gear, this list is a great place to start! Feel free to ask me about it on Instagram.

Note: The links to the items below are Amazon affiliate links. This means I receive a small commission if you decide to make a purchase after using any of them, without any additional cost to you. This helps me to keep creating even more awesome content in the future.


Alpha 6000

This was my first camera, and while it is not the best at making videos, it is really good at taking photos. It has several different modes and the possibilities are endless with whatever lens you choose to use it with.


This is a wide-angle camera lens, great for taking photos of landscape when you’re out and about. It’s mostly meant for distance shots and it helps to keep a lot of things inside a single scene. And it has huge zoom!

Ronin SC – Gimbal

This gimbal is a great place to start if you are looking for a tool to stabilize your footage. It has a button control for the camera capture and movement and some amazing feature with its mobile app.

Vlog-camera ZV-1

This is a vlog camera, but I use it for everything. It has quick focus, a good built-in microphone and a touch screen display which rotates in all possible directions. I recommend getting the grip too, I use it a lot!

Microphone H1n/IF

This directional microphone is great for making recordings where the environment plays a bigger role too. While it amplifies the direction that you point it in, it also gathers some nearby sounds with great quality!

Body microphone

This is my go-to microphone for talking head sections and even voiceovers. At a much lower price than the Zoom, this one offers the flexibility of using it with your camera or your smartphone. And it sounds really good.

LED Video Lights

These video lights have a wide range of hot to cold tones and you could choose to separate and amplify them at your own will. I think they produce a harsh light which is not for everyone. But they are portable.

Daylight softbox

These are my favorite lights! They produce a nice soft light that looks beautiful on the skin and mimics daylight. Using both of them is enough to light up any talking head shot. They aren’t as portable, however.


Surface Book 2

This is the laptop that I edit with. It has a lot of RAM, a great processor and a very accurate display. It has an Nvidia graphics card, which makes it great for photography and videography. Turns into a tablet!

Surface Pen

The surface book is a laptop that can also be used as a tablet. It is really good for writing, sketching and even painting. Unfortunately, the pen is not included with the laptop, but I highly recommend getting it too.

Portable SSD

These are the best SSDs I found at this price range and the one thing that they are really good at is not breaking. Unlike portable HDD’s they don’t have any moving parts that will break. They are really quick too!

Wireless Headphones

In 2021 these are still the best noise cancelling headphones in the world. I can work anywhere with these on and they have both a wired and wireless mode. Sadly they can only pair with one device at a time.

Mouse MX Master

This mouse can work with multiple devices simultaneously. Also, you can set it up to swipe between your different computers as if they were monitors connected to the same machine. And it has great custom shortcuts!



This bag has removable camera storage in the front and you can access it from the side as well. It also has a security lock, space for your tripod and water bottle. It comes with a water protective wrap.. and it’s vegan!

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